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Teatro Vivo presents


Adventures in Wonderland


Mark Stevenson as The White Rabbit

Photo by Tim Sutton


Directed by Sophie Austin



Broadway Theatre




Manor House Library


19 - 23 July 2011



Given a single playing card and with instructions to find the rest of the suit, Teatro Vivo's Adventures in Wonderland is an engaging experience for each attendee from the very outset. This sensory journey through Wonderland is inventive and consuming, as each and every audience member is invited to be an Alice figure and she is the only notable absence from the peculiar cast of Lewis Carroll's imagination. The enthusiastic cast of creatures and characters lead the audience through delightfully familiar, yet surreal scenarios, in surroundings far removed from traditional theatre.

There is a huge improvisational element to Adventures in Wonderland; this is theatre of the unexpected, and the entire cast face this challenge comfortably, ensuring the audience remain riveted. The whole ensemble takes on multiple roles with control and finesse.

Danny Kilgallen is the Mad Hatter, a naïve oyster and a frantic card. Mark Stevenson flits from bumbling White Rabbit to a debauched Carpenter with ease.  Michael Wagg is exceptional as an endearing King of Hearts, a lovable White Knight and a doomed card. Every audience will go on a different journey with these wonderful characters and each adventure will be influenced by fellow cards (audience members), as a real sense of camaraderie is encouraged.

The costumes, designed by Rose Portman are characterised by plenty of stripes, fur and feathers which contribute to the surreal atmosphere, and some splendid ensembles like the Queen of Hearts' (Natasha Magigi) elaborate gown.

The use of props is imaginative and extensive throughout. Designed by Amy Perkins, each scene is unique and makes full use of the diverse spaces used. Sound, designed by Rob Lewis, is an essential element in this interactive production and is used in a relentlessly inventive way, peaking perhaps, when the Carpenter uses his saw as a musical instrument as well a breadknife. Rhyme and song are also utilized in full, maximising the fairytale feel.

This is friendly, daring, provocative theatre which leaves a lasting impression. All this production requires from its audience is an open mind and a sense of adventure, the rest of the elements needed for a surreal evening are generously provided by the talented cast and creative team.


Tuesday 19th July 7.30pm
The Broadway Theatre
Catford Broadway, London SE6 4RU
20 – 23 July 2011
Manor House Library
Old Road, Lewisham, London SE13 5SY
Wednesday 20th July 7.30pm
Thursday 21st July 7.30pm
Friday 22nd July 7.30pm
Saturday 23rd July 7.30pm
Tickets: £10/£5 conc
Performance Length: 2 hours, no interval.



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