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CandyKing Theatre presents



An Ideal Husband



by Oscar Wilde


Directed By Maria Chiorando



Greenwich Playhouse


27 March – 17 April










A review by Angus Templeton for EXTRA! EXTRA!


An Ideal Husband was written by Wilde in 1895, and is a wonderful political comedy which explores the notions of private and public honor. It concerns the political career of Sir Robert Chiltern, a seemingly irreproachable man who nevertheless hides at least one secret, which comes to call in the guise fo the play’s antagonist, Mrs. Chevely. While the play is over a hundred years old, the message it conveys is one which is just as relevant today, and has been written and explored by hundreds of other writers since. However, the performance in Greenwich by CandyKing Theatre unfortunately didn’t hit the mark that Wilde sets.

Wilde’s work is witty, urbane, charming and incredibly fast, and the actors in this production didn’t manage to maintain the pace required for such a show.  This production seemed to suffer from a lack of direction. While all of the actors had their lines and blocking sorted, I didn’t see anything about this particular production which could possibly set it apart from any other. Theatre, especially comedy, is at its’ best when a work creates something new and original with such an established piece. And Chiorando seems to have directed by numbers – all of the blanks are filled (set, costumes, blocking, script) but there’s no new or interesting take on the proceedings. Granted, An Ideal Husband isn’t the easiest play to direct, especially with the many entrances and exits in the first scene. But the pace was sacrificed very quickly in the name of realism, and the performance only managed to bring it up to speed again by the end of the play.

However, some of the actors had the experience to make the most of such a production. Kath Perry (Lady Makrby) and Jose Domingos (Sir Robert Chiltern) were the most pleasurable performances to watch, both for their realistic style and timing. Peter Rae’s depiction of Lord Goring was, alas, disappointing. While Rae is a sufficient actor for the role, and performed admirably, Lord Goring’s character can and probably should be a show stealer in this particular play.

And while the second act was smoother than the first, it was still missing the verve which so desperately needed to be addressed.

An Ideal Husband is a brilliant period piece if you can pull it off. And while CandyKing have received good press for other revivals, they’ll have to work a bit harder on this one to bring it up to speed.



Box office:  020 8858 9256


Greenwich Playhouse

Greenwich Station Forecourt, 189 Greenwich High Road SE10 8JA

7.30pm Sun Matinee 4.00pm






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