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Miss High Leg Kick and Boogaloo Stu present

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3 December – 20 December, 2008



1ary Couzens

A review by Alice MacKenzie for EXTRA! EXTRA!


Following hot on the heels of Strictly Come Dancing, Miss High Leg Kick and Boogaloo Stu sway their sequined hips and shimmy across the floor of a room buried deep back stage at the Barbican.

Ushers lead you down corridors, past the cinema, past the stage entrance, to arrive in a glittery room with plush red seats around the edges like at a school disco, only more glamorous.  We wait. The dress-code was “dress to impress” and so there is a scattering of high-heels and shirts around the room. A few sequins. But any worries that you may have dressed a bit over the top will evaporate as Miss High Leg Kick and Boogaloo Stu take to the floor for the opening dance. Taking the ballroom dancing aesthetic to its logical conclusion, they match their hair to their cuffs (neon orange) and they are definitely not afraid of the flesh coloured body stocking. Fantastic.

Even more fantastic was the dance itself. All orgasmic faces, hands on bumbs and legs. The audience were torn between laughing and worrying that the workshop they had signed up for might also involve humping the floor in time with the music. Just to reassure you now: there was no humping.

You don´t get to play with the conventions of ballroom dancing unless your a genuinely good dancer, and Miss High Leg Kick and Boogaloo Stu were great to watch. In fact I was hoping for a repeat performance later on in the workshop… But there wasn´t one. Following their x-rated performance, the couple became our ever-encouraging, eye-catching demonstrators while the more school-mistressy Gillian Cook led the class through the moves.

The couple are presenting a different dance from the “Latin Circle of Fire” each day. Wednesday is Rumba night. Rumba, as the slide presentation informed us, is the Latin American dance of love… all shoulders and hips and brilliantly cheesy music. It can be danced quick or slow. We mostly danced it slow, and were encouraged – although not forced – to change partners with every new step learnt. The class was quite mixed, with young and old alike giving it a go, some of whom looked like ballroom dancing was a life-time hobby, and others as though they were a bit frightened of their feet.  By the end of the class we were all doing the New York, the Basic and good-naturedly whacking into each other with our flamboyant arms.

The dance school offers a friendly and quite straight-forward Latin workshop with some amazingly camp additions from the hosts Miss high Leg Kick and Boogaloo Stu. A more unusual way of escaping the freezing cold weather. Sparkle.



Box Office: 020 7638 8891

Tickets: £10

The Dances:  Wednesdays – Rumba
Thursdays – Cha cha cha
Friday – Samba
Saturday - Jive

Theatre: Barbican Centre, The Pit Rehearsal Room
Silk St, London, EC2Y 8DS







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