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A Feature by Mary Couzens for EXTRA! EXTRA!



Shakespeare’s Globe with Arts Alliance Media presents

Globe on Screen

2012 Season


Launched at

Shakespeare’s Globe

September 10, 2012


Fans of Shakespeare and Globe aficionados will be pleased to learn that productions staged at the eponymous replica venue in Bankside are due to be filmed, and subsequently, shown in cinemas with increasing frequency in future. This exciting news was shared with us first, by amiable Technical Manager Will aka Paul Williams inside the Globe itself as the film team readied equipment and lined up perspective shots. Additional creative insight was added by Ross Mac Gibbon, Screen Director of the Globe’s production of The Taming of the Shrew, due to be filmed that very night for the first time, Jeremy Herrin, Director of 2010’s Much Ado About Nothing, featuring Olivier Award winner Eve Best as Beatrice, also captured on film, along with Charles Edwards, who’d played opposite Ms. Best as Benedict and Matthew Pidgeon, who’d taken the role of Don John in that popular production.

In the theatre, we’d learned that two performances of each production are filmed so that the best pieces of both can be spliced together to form a cohesive and definitive whole. Questions about weather and crowd participation followed. However, whether in conversation with technicians, or directors or performers at Sackler Studio, the Globe’s education facility after, one aspect was paramount – audience participation and the special relationship actors share with theatre-goers aka groundings in the yard of Shakespeare’s Globe needed to be conveyed within the context of filmed productions. Being in on the action is as much a highlight for most contemporary visitors, as it must have been back in the days of the original Globe.

The opening trio of acclaimed productions set for screening in cinemas in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand will be, in this order: All’s Well That Ends Well – September 26, the aforementioned Much Ado about Nothing on October 10 and Shakespearean contemporary Christopher Marlowe’s fantastically dark fable Dr. Faustus on October 24, just in time for Halloween. Having been treated to clips from each one of these ready for screening, very compelling filmed productions, (we were instantly hooked!) I can say that in addition to their marvellous acting, they are all evocatively staged in meticulously recreated period dress, amid sumptuous settings.

Globe on Screen is truly, a project devoutly to be wished for, as much for its historical importance to posterity as for its potential as a fund-raising tool in times of increasing artistic austerity.  Though its most invaluable aspect of all could well be that it’s a project capable of enabling dreams – of being there, personally, up close, in that esteemed theatre space which is uniquely, Shakespeare’s Globe.


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