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Sili Papi Productions




Written and performed by: Bennett Arron


New End Theatre


27 February – 15 March










A review by Angus Templeton for EXTRA! EXTRA!


Bennett Arron is an interesting character. A comedy writer for the best part of the decade, he had the misfortune to be the victim of a major case of Identity Theft before it was widely publicized and understood. Most people, going through such a traumatic experience, would try and put it behind them as quickly as possible. Bennett Arron, unlike most people in many ways (not least due to his unusual Welsh/Jewish ethnicity), decided instead to inform, entertain, and make money off his unfortunate experience. Hence the show: It wasn’t Me, it was Bennett Arron!

It’s ok to laugh at this show - Bennett Arron tells you this himself. If it was a fictional story, it would be very funny (apropos of Arthur Dent getting his house bulldozed). Fortunately, Arron possesses the marvelous ability to be able to laugh at himself, and invites us to accompany him. And since he’s standing right in front of us, we know that the story can’t end too tragically. It’s safe to be amused.

As a comedian, Arron is very talented. His jokes are snappy, to the point, and cleverly constructed. The show is a trifle slow in parts, but this will no doubt be ironed out over the next few performances. Arron’s style makes him seem more like a very entertaining lecturer than a stand up. We’ve laughed, sure, but we also learned something, which puts this performance a cut above the usual stand up response of just laughter. The only detracting feature was the occasional interruptions for Arron to fiddle with his slides – technology unfortunately halting the flow of an otherwise all rounder performance.

Unlike most comedians, at the denouement of the show, Arron invited us to share our stories about identify theft. It was clear to me then why he was so popular – almost a third of the audience had a story to tell, about cloned credit cards, stolen papers, husbands who were gullible enough to send off cheques in the mail… this show strikes a chord with people because they too have experienced Arron’s woes (though not to the same extent – the CID told Arron his was by far the worst case they’d ever encountered).

This show is suitable for anyone who has ever been a victim of Identity Theft, or knows someone who has been. Which, according to the BBC, is all of us.


Box Office: 0870 033 2733

New End Theatre

27 New End, Hapstead, London NW3 1JD

Tickets: £14, £12 concessions











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