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Out of His Mind


by Marc Salem


Shaw Theatre


July 22 – 27, 2008




ary Couzen

A review by Alan Taylor for EXTRA! EXTRA!


Marc Salem specialises in the kind of mind tricks that have been popularised by Derren Brown and David Blaine. Intriguing, you may think, but also slightly sinister and disturbing when he reveals that he was once employed by the the Children’s Television Network AKA the people behind Sesame Street, showing that non-verbal cues and manipulation are ingrained in the most unusual places. For these reasons, it is fascinating, interesting and spectacular to see Marc Salem’s new show ‘Out of His Mind’.

Making no bones about his bad jokes, Salem is very personable and friendly. Perhaps it is this that lulls us all into the false sense of security, and he slowly warms up by going through the usual routine by guessing the number that people are thinking of. The stakes get higher when he proves that the whole audience are thinking of the same number, and influences people to choose the one prize envelope that doesn’t contain cash.

In a game of simple odds, these tricks could be pure chance, but Salem further proves his point when he asks the various members of the audience to think of random consonants and vowels, then to pick a time, a place and a snack. “Chocolate,” says the woman.

“Chocolate is too vague,” says Salem, “Pick a snack.”

And she said, “Kit Kat”

Amazingly, he pulls out a piece of paper that has been concealed the whole time with the correct details, signed by Salem with a ‘P.S. Remember the Kit Kat’. That level of specific detail- a British chocolate that Salem would have little awareness of- is what really boggles the mind.

For the finale, Salem manages to extract personal details from specific objects whilst blindfolded, as well as being able to tell where people went on holiday, with whom and how they were feeling at the time. Sounds like too much detail? The amazing thing is that this show will change every time you see it, and with every person who participates, so it is never the same twice.

The tense energy mixed with the nervous atmosphere makes you half expect him to reveal your personal history in front of a live audience and half makes you want to jump up screaming, “Me, me, me… Pick me!” His honest and up front approach about his mind tricks really reveals the power of non-verbal cues, as well as emphasising an extraordinary untapped ‘sixth sense’. Salem is indeed a clever man who shows that the power of communication goes beyond what we can see and hear.



Marc Salem is performing until Sunday 27th July
Tickets £30 Golden Circle £50
Evenings 8pm

For more info go to or ring 0871 594 3123









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